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Toy & Mini Aussies



Toy Australian Shepherds

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I am proud of and want to continue the documented heritage of my dogs from the
original purebred foundation stock Toy & Miniature Australian Shepherds with pedigrees
tracing back to the Miniature Australian Shepherds first recognized as a breed  in the 1960s. 

TOY AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS range from 10" to 14" in height (approx. 10~20 lb).
MINIATURE AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS are larger at 14" to 18" in height.

My preference is to concentrate on the smaller of the TOY size variety
but have also produced larger toys and a few minis.  My dogs live with us as our
beloved pets and are an important part of the family.  My puppies are raised underfoot.
I am dedicated to a serious breeding program with more than 10 years experience, and
am continuously improving my bloodline.  My dogs are the result of many generations of
Sundance dogs carefully selected for the best of quality, health, and temperament.
I really love my TOY AUSSIES and strive to produce the best quality little dogs possible!

Martha Zaiser Koelmel,  SUNDANCE TOY AUSSIES
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